6 Facts about Cristiano Ronaldo


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ronaldo1. When soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo was asked to donate his cleats for a charity auction benefiting a 10-month-old child suffering from a brain disorder that can lead to 30 seizures a day, Ronaldo paid the full $83K cost of the surgery for young Erik Ortiz Cruz

ronaldo2. Cristiano Ronaldo has no tattoos as he frequently gives blood and getting a tattoo would render him unable to do so for six months

Cristiano-Ronaldo-2013-HD-Wallpaper-Picture-Real-Madrid-23. Cristiano Ronaldo was expelled from school for throwing a chair at a teacher

4. Cristiano Ronaldo is named after president Ronald Reagan

Cristiano-Ronaldo-llega-en-su-_54284534263_54028874188_960_6395. Cristiano Ronaldo credits his success to an old team mate, Albert Fantrau, who intentionally passed up an easy goal so that Ronaldo could attend a soccer (football) academy in his place. Albert gave up soccer after that match, and is now unemployed.

ronaldo3110_6306. In 2009, after being dumped by Ronaldo, Paris Hilton hired a witch named Pepe to put a curse on him. It worked enough that Ronaldo hired a sorcerer named Fafa to reverse the curse.