7 Habits That Will Help You Progress In Your Career


You can want and hope to be successful in your career, but you also have to take actions that are going to help you progress in the right direction. There are a few habits in particular that will allow you to get ahead and make sure your positive progress is getting recognized by others.

What you do each day matters and will impact how well you’re able to perform at your job. Focus in on the right areas and you’ll likely find that in no time you’re working your way up at your startup company and making a name for yourself within the business community.

1.   Create To-Do Lists

One daily task you’ll want to get in the habit of is creating to-do lists for what you want to get done. Do so for both the long-term and short-term and you’ll notice that you achieve your goals at a quicker rate. This will help you keep your attention on what matters the most and not get off course for what it is you want to accomplish. Use this documentation as a roadmap for how you’re going to get through your responsibilities in a timely manner.

2.   Be Financially Responsible

Another habit that will help you progress in your career is to always be financially responsible. This includes both in your personal and professional life so you can budget correctly and ultimately find stability with your money. One option is to choose a product such as ELFi to help you refinance your student loans and save more money. Also, think about what you can be doing in the office to help your company succeed such as staying within budget and not spending money without any real purpose.

3.   Communicate Clearly

You can progress in your career nicely when you focus on communicating clearly with others. Think about what you’re going to say before you speak and make sure whoever you’re talking to understands your message correctly before proceeding to the next topic. In addition, make sure you practice active listening skills and take the time to hear other people out before jumping to conclusions.

4.   Take Time to Network

You’ll definitely want to take time to build your network of connections to help you progress in your career. You never know who’re going to meet who will be able to help you land a job at the startup of your choice or get you that next big promotion. The more people you know and build relationships with the easier it’s going to be to advance in your career and ensure that people are aware of your talents.

5.   Establish Quiet Time

It’s good to be busy, but you also want to set aside some quiet time so you can reflect and come up with new ideas. Especially working for a startup, you’re going to want to always be on your toes and allow your creativity to shine through. Get in the habit of starting and ending your day with scheduled alone time where you can regroup and gather your thoughts.

6.   Problem Solve

It’s not a wise idea to always have to ask for answers and never be the one who has solutions. Therefore, make it a habit to use your problem solving skills whenever possible if you want to progress in your career. Come to each discussion with ways to work through or around issues, instead of being the person who complains or says no often. A startup company wants to see you thinking ahead and creating your own path and not sitting around waiting for other people to show you the way.

7.   Be on Time

Being on time will not only help you progress in your career, but it’ll also allow you to create a better reputation for yourself. You don’t want to be the person who’s always arriving to meetings late and making everyone else wait for you. Show others respect and that you care about what it is you’re doing by being mindful of the clock and what time it is when you’re working. Set a good example for everyone else and let it be known that you’re there to work hard and aren’t someone who slacks.


You can quickly progress in your career and become more successful at your startup by adopting these seven habits. Keep in mind that new behaviors take some getting used to so start early and be patient with yourself. It won’t be long before your new ways are getting noticed and rubbing off on others.