8 Small Business Functions You Should Consider Outsourcing


Many small businesses outsource at least some of their operations. As outsourcing provides benefits such as better and efficient operations, it’s a viable option worth considering regardless of the industry you’re part of.

With outsourcing, a business acquires a service or product from an external provider instead of in-house management. Since you’re running a small business, outsourcing will allow you to maximize your operations and entrust crucial tasks and processes to professionals without growing your full-time team significantly. Additionally, it’ll enable you to minimize costs, boost efficiency, and focus on the aspects of your business you enjoy and are good at.

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If you’re planning to outsource soon, here are some business functions to consider:

1. Accounting

Accounting is one of the standard functions small businesses typically outsource. If you lack financial skills and knowledge, it’ll take time to learn all the processes and compliance standards your company should meet.

Various matters such as compliance standards, tax payments, and other financial elements can be a burden to deal with. Remember that errors can be costly if a person working on the task rushes through the process, lacks the resources to get the job done, or just isn’t knowledgeable.

One way to effectively lessen the load is to outsource accounting and bookkeeping to ensure your business runs seamlessly and save money in the long term.

2. Information Technology Management

Today, information technology (IT) is one of the leading outsourced industries. You can readily outsource to a managed service provider (MSP) or depend on a firm offering on-demand assistance to tackle any technical issues or initiatives your business is facing.

Many small businesses could not support an in-house IT team. If this is the case for you, you’ll need a professional to set up all of the devices, applications, and systems your company needs. Once all your technology requirements are in good order, you can hire an external IT team to monitor and troubleshoot technical issues and repair any problems with software and hardware alike.

If you want to learn more about the IT services you can take advantage of, checking out reliable providers such as Fusion Computing, a premier IT company in Toronto, would be a good starting point.

3. Marketing 

An effective way to grow your business is with the help of an outside marketing firm. By working with a reliable one, you can let them handle everything from advertising design to content creation to social media posting so you can focus on the internal operations of your business.

Outsourcing your marketing is an ideal way to create and implement a strategic and professional marketing plan. A reliable marketing firm can provide you with an objective perspective and produce fresh ideas based on their knowledge and expertise on what works best and what doesn’t.

4. Sales 

If your business lacks the human resources or skills to perform sales calls or create funnels and processes to close deals, it might be best to outsource your sales department. When doing so, you can delegate sales-related tasks to a professional who has the skills and expertise to drive in more leads and profits.

5. Administrative Tasks

Virtual assistants are now common and a must-have, especially for entrepreneurs working in a home office setting. A virtual assistant can carry out various tasks such as inbox management, social media posting, and scheduling.

It’s one of the cost-effective areas to outsource, and you’ll find a good selection of reliable and skilled individuals to handle administrative work.

6. Customer Service 

If your business deals with customers online or over the phone, it might be best to outsource customer service to an external chat service or call center.

Many firms can provide phone, online chat, email, and click-to-call support for your business. Once you decide to outsource your customer support, this’ll make your business readily accessible to customers and help you save money in the long run.

7. Shipping And Logistics 

Among e-commerce sellers, outsourcing shipping and logistics is a good move. It allows you to focus on the internal operations of your business while an external provider tackles the processes involved in getting your products to customers.

8. Human Resources

The human resource aspect in any business generally covers various hiring, onboarding, and staff management tasks. Aside from recruiting new talent, the human resource team oversees the issuing of employee benefits, setting up retirement plans, implementing health insurance, and many more. By outsourcing human resources, you can lessen the burden of organizing and implementing those tasks.

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Final Thoughts 

There are various business functions you can readily outsource. If you’re planning to do so with IT management, accounting, or human resources, make sure to look for reliable service providers that can cater to the specific needs of your company. Outsourcing some of your tasks and activities allows for seamless and efficient operations in the years to come.