How to Improve Your Customer Service Online


In 2020, businesses are increasingly moving online. Even if they maintain an offline presence, much of their audience prefers to purchase via the world wide web, and this is something they’re having to get on board with.

However, some businesses worry that, in moving online, they must necessarily sacrifice something in the way of customer service. Without that personal touch and the opportunity to advise and support their buyers in store, they’re concerned that the retail experience is made more impersonal than before.

If this is something you can relate to, it’s time to stop fretting, because there are lots of different ways to ensure top-quality customer service even when your purchasers buy online. Here are just a few of them.

Be accessible

One of the big worries with selling online is that your staff cannot share their knowledge and expertise or help as they might if your customers were buying instore. However, modern technology means you don’t need to be any more hands-off than you’re used to.

In fact, most customers like companies who are easily contactable, and this is one way to stay in their good books. Take this website from TheCircle as an example of how to do it well. The company specializes in offering psychic chats, and to cater to the customer, they make themselves contactable in a number of different ways: via phone, chat, and app. Opening all channels of communication is vital to providing effective customer service, however niche your market may seem.

This means that should an individual wish to get in touch with them, they can do so as and when they like, which is actually an improvement on only being able to access their services and skillset within standard business hours, or in land-based venues and sessions.

Add a personal touch

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Another concern a lot of companies share is losing that personal touch. However, this is not something that can only be provided in-store and via face-to-face interaction. In fact, there are lots of nice ways to set yourself apart, from personalized hand-written thank you notes included within your parcels, to special offers and discounts which reward repeat custom.

Just as it is in-store, the businesses that are remunerated by their customers’ loyalty in the long-term are those that are willing to go that extra mile.

Remember postage and packaging is a big part of the online experience

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Last but not least, businesses that sell online should always remember that postage and packaging is a big part of the online customer experience. While it’s often tempting to go for the most economical option or to ask your buyers to cover the entirety of the postage fee, it’s worth reassessing how you do things.

For instance, a lot of buyers resent paying postage fees, so sometimes it can be worth covering these (or at least incorporating them into the price), especially for orders that exceed a certain amount. In addition, it’s usually better to go with a more expensive courier, if that courier is also quicker, more reliable, and more reputable than the alternative.

Lastly, pretty packaging can make a lovely extra touch, and proper packaging is important too, as items that are damaged in transit reflect really badly on your business.

Are you ticking all of these boxes already? If not, why not put our three top tips into practice today to ensure a better overall experience for your online customers?