Crucial Details That Can Enhance Your Interior Design


A nice design can be achieved with the help of some simple details and a smart approach. For this, you should not be afraid to experiment, cross design ideas, opt for unusual accents, mix in some retro items and choose complicated materials. Exclusiveness and personality are the ones that can enhance the look of your home. We have a lot of ideas for this! Let’s get acquainted with just a few of them.

1. Light on diodes

The world will never be the same again. Designers have long turned their backs on the carob chandelier, flaunting on the ceiling in splendid isolation. Now, every designer tries to incorporate multifunctional light sources. An excellent solution for light experiments is LEDs, one of the main trends in decor in 2021. With them, the light in the room comes to life, becomes voluminous and expressive.

2. Unusual furniture 

The long-forgotten retro easily turns into a spectacular and relevant style. A prime example of this is vintage furniture. In today’s design, it has a significant role. Smooth, curved and soft outlines look stylish against the background of a strict and concise modern design. Moreover, vintage furniture can decorate the interior in any style.

3. Window innovations

A competent choice of windows can radically transform the interior. Now it is difficult to imagine a room without windows. But even the usual plastic windows can surprise and become a worthy design detail. 

Ultra-modern windows with sashes, the front part of which consists of a single glass, have appeared on the market. With their modern minimalist design, straight lines and unique look, they are ideal for modern interiors.

4. Puzzle canvases

Sometimes, one panel or a large picture on the wall is enough for a wow-effect. But it’s even better if it is a modular picture – a popular trend in design. Thanks to the canvas divided into separate segments, the image looks voluminous and alive. 

It is difficult for such décor to go unnoticed. Unlike large-scale canvases, modular paintings do not clutter up the space, but rather expand it, visually adding volume to the room.

5. Natural décor

Wood, stone, leather, fur and bamboo never lose their relevance in design. The less they are processed, the higher their value is in a modern interior. Combinations of several types of natural materials are only welcome. 

It is not at all necessary to opt for solid wooden panels or place huge boulders into the flat – even small decorative accents made from natural materials can become a spectacular decoration: branches in a transparent vase; a mirror framed with shells; a fur thrown carelessly over the bed.

6. Botanical is the new trend

Plants in the house are now not just a must-have, but a valuable material for design creativity. The usual ficuses and cacti in pots living on the windowsills or the floor reluctantly give way to vertical gardening. 

Large-scale walls and panels of green plants are the latest trend in interior fashion. Don’t like to take care of living things? Make it easier for you – use natural shades in the décor (green, light gray, beige, brown, black, white) and textiles, wallpaper with a floral print.

7. Mirrors

Mirrors have long been an eye-catching décor element. In modern design, they are primarily a multifunctional and decorative element that can have various shapes, sizes and textures. 

The easiest way to give a mirror expressiveness is to choose an original frame for it. The task can become more difficult – fragmented, interestingly cut puzzle mirrors. With a futuristic, dreamlike look, they will become a powerful design accent. 

8. Don’t forget about the floor

In search of bright accents in the décor, we often forget to look down. A rug with an expressive pattern and juicy shades will be able to enliven any interior. Especially dearly loved by modern designers are carpets with ethnic patterns: Moroccan, Iranian, African. This is a great way to add texture and coziness to a clean, minimalist interior.

9. Textile mix

Versatility and eclecticism are the key words in modern design. But if you want to play with style, start with a little bold decision: try matching pillows from one set with a throw from another. It is good to use several different-style pillows at once on a neutral background. At the same time, shades and patterns on the curtains may not match the design of pillows and bed linen – and that is also fine.

If you do not have the ability or desire to do a complete renovation of your home, you can replace or add some interesting textile details. It can change the mood and character of your place.

10. Quality furniture

If in general decoration, it is better to use the principle “the simpler – the better”, then it is worth spending money on nice upholstered furniture – a sofa, an armchair or a set from esf bedroom furniture.

11. Curtains

Curtaining a window with thick curtains is an old-fashioned solution, which, in addition to aesthetic disadvantages, has another serious drawback: there is always little light. Opt for thin curtains that have a mostly decorative effect. And if you need to have privacy during the night, you can invest in blinds or roller shutters.

12. Glitter metal

The luster of cold metal is a hot trend in the interiors of recent years. Its presence will add spice and glamor to the interior. It goes well with leather, wood, glass, stone and textiles. 

Combine metals of different types with each other. Whether it’s a massive riveted copper sheet or a modest bronze lamp, metal will do the job brilliantly.

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