Despite PS5, Release Mobile Gaming Is Here To Stay


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When assessing the gaming landscape, there have been numerous winners over the years. One clear and influential winner has been the mobile phone, which has been improved no end to be able to host all types of games in 2020.

When it comes to technology news, mobile phones are heavily featured, be it with news on another new release or the hype building around a new mobile phone game. With technological innovation giving the modern-day mobile a new and sophisticated look, the all-round gaming experience on a phone has improved dramatically too. We aren’t seeing games like Snake dominate the space now. Instead, mobile phone gamers are being served up an array of games with new release after new release going down a storm on a seemingly regular basis.

Despite the improvements made with our mobile phone devices, how can they compete with the likes of the newly released PS5? What is the appeal of gaming on a phone over gaming on a better, more sophisticated console device? With mobile phone gaming looking like it’s here to stay, here are a few key reasons as to why.

On-The-Go Gaming

Gaming on a console, like the PS5, is a real commitment. Not only do many console games take a long time to complete which requires several dedicated gaming sessions in itself, but they’re generally harder and more complicated than most mobile phone games too. Mobile phone games, on the other hand, are designed to be picked up and put down within a matter of seconds, therefore making gaming on a phone a lot less of a commitment. Whether it’s popular games like the Berry Burst Max slot offering bigger hits and a higher win potential for gamblers in Canada or games like Pokémon Go giving players the opportunity to fill their Pokédex while out and about thanks to its augmented reality feature, gaming on a mobile phone can be enjoyed while we’re getting on with our day and requires far less attention. Most people have mobile phones these days too, essentially opening up the world of gaming to a whole new audience. From the elderly to the young, there’s a mobile phone game out there for everyone.

Improved Releases

Thanks to the technological advancements made with our mobile phone devices, games developers have been able to improve the games they make accordingly. These days, developers of games are even making sure that they release their mobile games simultaneously with their PC and console versions. On top of this, the all-round gaming experience on a mobile phone has reached new heights, with introductions such as VR headsets and joysticks making gaming on a mobile a whole lot better. Of course, to some, gaming on a mobile phone device will never compare to gaming on a console, but as innovation continues to improve and our mobile phones keep setting new trends, gaming on a mobile will only go from strength to strength.

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Cheap and Free Games

Another key reason why mobile phone gaming looks like it’s here to stay is down to the cost factor of it. Put simply; it’s a bargain. All you need is access to AppStore or Google Play, and you have a comprehensive selection of games that can be downloaded within a matter of seconds, usually costing nothing or a small fee. Compare that to gaming on a console, and the price comparison is frankly insane. Consoles themselves are expensive, the games aren’t cheap either, and it’s virtually impossible to sample loads of games – like you can do on a mobile – without spending a fortune.