Easter Activities You Should Try This year


Looking for some fun activities to make this Easter extra special? Easter is always a special time of the year, especially with the weather improving and flowers blossoming, so it is always a good opportunity to find some fun things to do as a family. Here are a few ideas that should make this Easter one to remember filled with lots of happy memories (and chocolate!)

Hike/Bike Ride

It is an amazing feeling as the weather starts to improve and there are signs of colour and life everywhere. One of the best ways to enjoy this and to get some exercise is to go out for a hike or bike ride with the kids. This will allow you to spend time in nature, get some fresh air and make the most out of the Spring weather.

Easter Egg Hunt

As far as traditions go, it is hard to beat an Easter egg hunt as a fun-filled family activity particularly if you have a garden that you can make the most out of. Just make sure that you have enough chocolate Easter eggs  in the house for everyone so that you can all enjoy the chocolate and have some fun discovering it inside and outside of the house.

Egg Painting

Another fun tradition that allows the kids to be creative is egg painting. Painting the eggshells can be a great activity for the whole family and one that can be done both inside and outside if the weather permits.

Egg Experiments

There are also a number of fun and fascinating experiments that you can do with eggs that are sure to amaze the kids. These include making an eggshell disappear, shrinking eggs and transforming egg white just as a few ideas.


Easter is a holiday that has a heavy focus on food, which is why baking is one of the best family activities that you can do together. There are all kinds of tasty treats that you can bake as a family over Easter and then enjoy over the weekend. This is also worthwhile as it is a chance to show the kids how to make their own food and use the kitchen safely.

Easter is a special time of the year and you will want to find some fun activities that you can do as a family. These are a few of the best options that should allow for a fun-filled weekend that you all look back on and cherish.