Harmful Things For Our Health We Do Every Day



Each of us has our own daily routine and habits. We do a lot of things, and we specially accustom ourselves to some actions for various reasons. However there are things that are habitual for us that we do without hesitation in everyday life, and they harm our health.

Falling Asleep Under the Light of a Lamp or TV

Everyone knows that lack of sleep has a devastating effect on our health. But even the strongest and longest sleep will not bring sufficient benefit to the body if the light is on in the room. The most important thing in the process of night rest is the production of melatonin. This hormone is responsible not only for our sleep but also for immunity, blood sugar and cholesterol levels, blood pressure and potassium. A prerequisite for the synthesis of melatonin is darkness. Falling asleep under bright light, we prevent our body from recovering after a hard day’s work.

Thus, when you decide to go to sleep, make sure you spend as less time as possible in front of a smartphone or laptop screen. Try not to play blackjack online or other games before you decide to sleep. Relax, be in a dark room and prepare your body.

Poor Face Cleansing

Like any other surface, a mass of microscopic particles settles on our faces every day. Residents of large metropolitan areas are especially susceptible to such pollution. Dust, smog from cars, skin flakes of other people and a whole army of microorganisms – such a set covers our skin every day.

In the evenings, be sure to wash your face. It is better to do this with some special facial cleanser. The fact is that not all disease-causing particles are washed off with water, and remaining on the skin, they lead to irritation and even allergies.

Little Ventilation in the Room

Our apartments are completely furnished with furniture that can be harmful to our health. For example, the popular chipboard contains harmful formaldehyde resins. Particles of plaster and whitewash, dust, harmful fumes and microbes released when coughing and sneezing – all this saturates the air and enters our lungs, settling on the mucous membranes along the way. The less often we ventilate the room, the higher the concentration of this flying debris.

Eating at the Computer

It has been proven that keyboard and mouse buttons are among the most contaminated surfaces because no one washes their hands before working at a computer. When we eat with our hands, sitting in front of the monitor, we eat some of this dirt. Use eating utensils or treat computer accessories regularly with antibacterial agents.

Washing too much

A daily shower is a norm that has a beneficial effect on our body. But doctors do not recommend washing your hair daily, because its natural protective layer is washed off the skin, to which it reacts with increased production of sebum. It turns out a kind of vicious circle – the more often we wash our hair, the more it gets dirty.

If washing your hair more infrequently is unthinkable for you due to quickly greasy hair, then try adjusting your diet. Spicy and salty foods increase the production of sebum.