How Do Professionals Use Email Signature In Their Business?


An email signature is a tiny detail that often doesn’t receive due attention. Still, it is an essential component of business communication. Many regular users tend to underestimate its value. However, professionals in the spheres of business and marketing are well aware of the benefits it can bring to their companies and use it as a tool of promotion.

What Is A Signature For Email?

The signature in the letter is the point of contact between you and your recipients. It is an important component of a person’s professional style and a powerful branding tool. A well-designed stamp gives business owners almost unlimited marketing opportunities. However, its main goals are to boost recipients’ involvement and thus increase the response rate, present the company, and share important links and contact details.

A good email signature consists of many small elements including the following:

  1. General info. First of all, it has to tell your recipients who you are and on behalf of which company you are writing. You have to specify your full name, company, and current position.
  2. Contact information. It is important to deliver your contact details with each email you send so that your recipients, partners or potential customers could reach you easily. Also, this will save you lots of time, as you won’t have to add your contact information to each email manually. We recommend including at least one phone number, business website, and email address.
  3. Logo. This is an optional element. Some people prefer to ignore it. However, professionals claim that including a logo of the company to yours and your employees’ signatures can significantly increase the recognition of your brand.
  4. Links. The inclusion of social media links in your email signature is getting really important in the modern world. Customers love to see real people standing behind large companies and social networks give them such an opportunity.
  5. Photo. In most cases, professionals include their photos in signatures. This can help the reader to link your image with the name. Besides, this trick will help you increase the trust of your potential customers.

These are the most popular elements of an email signature. However, many other tricks can help you make it work for the benefit of your business. For example, to increase the impact of ordinary letters, professionals suggest including a call-to-action button and share important news with the recipients. Also, a mobile-friendly design will help you get better results. More and more people are using their smartphones and tablets to check their inbox. Thus, if your signature is displayed well on mobile devices, you can reach more people.

How Professionals Use Email Signatures?

Professionals know that a well-designed stamp hides more than just a name and position in a company. It is a part of the brand’s image. It stimulates the readers’ reaction and attracts attention creating a positive and long-lasting impression.

To create an effective email stamp, it’s enough to know just a few simple techniques. Here is how professionals use it.

In a basic form, signatures close an email and provide contact details. This doesn’t sound too impressive. Thus, modern experts prefer using more advanced and “dynamic” stamps. These perform more features and transform an unremarkable letter into a real masterpiece. In addition, such stamps deliver interactive content to your recipients, share all the important information, and feature many additional elements like banners, social media links, and other useful tools. This way, professionals reach several highly important goals:

  1. Creating the first impression. The first impression always matters, especially in business. Professionals claim that a wisely designed stamp is an easy way to leave a big and lasting impression.
  2. Attracting attention. While it is easy to miss out on an ordinary letter, one with an appealing stamp instantly catches an eye of a recipient. Thus, it gives you a possibility to share important information, offers or products and ensure that your readers will notice it.
  3. Getting more replies. People leave hundreds of emails unanswered each week. All of you should agree that not getting a proper response is a bad thing for a business. Well, a good stamp can solve this problem. According to numerous studies, emails with a signature can increase your response rate by 32%.
  4. Increasing social reach. Many specialists waste lots of time and money on an advertisement on social media. While paid ads and other social media marketing tools may work well, they often don’t guarantee the desired results. By including the clickable links to your account to every message you send, you increase the social reach by minimum 10%.
  5. Increasing leads. Without a doubt, it is important to attract more visitors to your digital channels. However, this is only a small part of the challenge. Even more important is to find a way to convert those visitors into sales leads. This is another issue that can be solved with the help of your stamp. Professionals claim that your business can have by 15% more leads with it.
  6. More clicks and higher traffic. If you are running a business, chances are you have a blog, online store or website that you want to promote. A great signature is an easy way to get at least 22% more clicks to your website. Besides, with a smart call to action, you can get your recipients even more engaged and get higher traffic with less effort.