What To Do If You Are Involved In A Truck Accident


Road mishaps are mostly unintentional. However, such accidents are often caused by negligence. The NSC or National Safety Council reported that in 2019 around 4.4 million people were injured in car-related accidents in the U.S. Sadly, about 38,000 died due to car crashes. The common causes of such accidents include over speeding, distracted driving, and impairment due to substances like opioids and alcohol. Organizations and companies are trying to help reduce accidents by implementing solutions such as integrating illuminated vehicle signages.

However, what if you are involved in a truck accident despite your efforts to stay safe on the road? If your car collides with a commercial vehicle, let’s say an 18-wheeler truck, the accident is likely to be serious. Because of the size of trucks, or even semi-trucks, the driver and passengers of the smaller vehicle are likely to sustain serious or fatal injuries. An accident with a large vehicle can result in a wreck, significant property damage, serious physical injuries, and even loss of lives. Therefore, it’s important that all drivers and passengers know what to do in case they become victims of a truck accident or wreck.

What You Need To Do After a Truck Accident

Any vehicular accident is an unpleasant and traumatic experience. If you get involved in a truck accident, you must take the following steps to protect your or your loved ones’ rights. 

1. Check your condition then call for help

The first thing to do is to check your condition and that of the other passengers of your vehicle. You need to call 911 or the police if you can do it safely. The police will create a report detailing the information available. Such information will include the number and type of cars/trucks involved, how many people are part of the accident, and so on. The police report is a document that is extremely crucial for the investigation of the accident or wreck.

2. Gather information at the crash scene

Avoid walking around if you are injured. It’s best to wait for an ambulance and local law enforcement personnel to arrive. But, if it’s a minor accident and you can safely get out of the car, you should gather vital information such as the contact information of those involved in the crash. You should also note the contact details of any witnesses or bystanders. You can use your smartphone to capture photos of the crash scene. Jot down the license plate number of the vehicles involved, including trucks and cars. Be sure to get as much information as you can.

3. Get medical help

Seek medical treatment as soon as possible even if it’s a minor crash. Of course, you must be in a position to do so and feel that you are not injured. However, pain can be masked by the rushing adrenaline at that moment. So, only a health practitioner will be able to confirm if you are free from injuries. It’ll be best if you get medical attention before you move around. If you are not transported to a health facility immediately after the accident, visit your doctor for assessment and treatment. Delaying your consultation with a medical professional may prevent you from receiving the correct compensation for injuries later on.

4. Seek the assistance of an expert accident lawyer

As soon as possible, you must look for a reputable personal injury attorney website and contact them. Immediate action is a must to get justice. Dealing with a damaged vehicle and getting treatment for sustained injuries is stressful enough. So, let an expert legal professional handle insurance concerns so that you can receive the right compensation for injuries and property damage. Read below for the benefits of hiring a skilled truck accident lawyer. A good accident lawyer will:

  • File the necessary legal paperwork promptly
  • Investigate and prove the negligence of the other party
  • Deal with insurance adjusters who may try to offer you compensation that is less than what you deserve
  • Represent you in court if the trucking company refuses to pay for your injuries and damages to your property

The role of a truck accident attorney is to advocate your rights and ensure that you can move on from the accident to start living life normally again, as soon as possible.


If you or a family member is part of a vehicle accident involving a truck, it’s crucial to get in touch with a truck accident lawyer immediately. Injuries or death that arise from a truck driver’s negligence must be handled by an attorney who has the right skills and experience. Hiring a legal expert ensures that you’ll receive fair compensation and proper settlement that you or your loved one rightfully deserves.