New Illuminated Vehicle Signage To Make Roads Safer For Transport Workers


Since 2015, at least 10 people have lost their lives as a result of Amazon’s curbside deliveries, according to Business Insider. If that wasn’t bad enough, thousands of roadside workers are injured every year while simply doing their job. Thankfully, it’s figures like these that have led Inspace Media to create an innovative illuminated vehicle signage solution designed to protect these workers and general motorists. But how will this technology work, and will it make the nation’s roads safer?

A striking new technology

For the past two years, Inspace Media has worked tirelessly on its new illuminated technology to ensure that it performs where similar technology fails. The team behind the technology says that the reflective road vehicle signage technology that is currently used is restricted in bad weather, but their solution has managed to overcome this problem. Theirs boasts a waterproof rating of IP69 and promises 20,000 hours of illumination before any depreciation starts to occur. Patented components that are less than 1 mm thick have also been used, as these slim parts can be molded to any shape and size. This makes the Chevron technology one of the most universal on the market, as it can be fitted to the rear of every type of fleet vehicle, no matter what it’s size.

Improved road safety

Inspace Media plans to roll out its illuminated vehicle technology in the UK, with the aim of protecting workers in the home delivery and road transport sectors. They particularly recognize how their technology could protect construction workers who are often injured while working on roadside projects. The types of injuries that these workers sustain on the road typically result in the injured party requiring legal assistance, having an extended period off work, and making a compensation claim. Being involved in a serious road accident caused by someone else can result in life-changing injuries and may even mean that the worker is no longer able to do their job, leaving vital industries short of employees. Thankfully, Inspace Media’s Alex Knowden promises that their illuminated vehicle technology will reduce this threat, as he states that the tech will dramatically increase visibility on the roads and will encourage drivers to “pay added care and attention.”

How it could work

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that speed is the cause of approximately 30% of road deaths worldwide. With this alarming figure in mind, it’s clear that any new road safety technology must encourage drivers to cut their speed. This is exactly what Inspace Media’s premium-grade Chapter 8 chevrons will do, according to Knowden, who says that the illuminated signs will persuade drivers to slow down, give more space to transport workers, and move over where it’s possible to do so.

The sheer number of transport workers on the roads today is putting the nation’s safety at risk. But the implementation of this innovative and enhanced illuminated vehicle signage technology will help to improve road safety for all by increasing visibility in all weather conditions and coaxing drivers to do the right thing.