How Spending More Time At Home Changed The Entertainment Industry In The States?


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There is no denying that the world has been turned upside down in the last few years. While some industries are having a hard time surviving, thanks to the likes of Covid, others are making the most of it. One of the biggest industries affected was likely the entertainment industry. While it was not all bad, there has definitely been a big shift in the entertainment industry in the last couple of years. With any significant shift comes change and while some may be reluctant, the entertainment industry has proved that it is here to stay, no matter what it takes.

Movies and Television

When Covid first struck, no one really knew what to expect. However, once we went into lockdown, all hell broke loose. Not only did flights and holidays come to an abrupt end, but the production of movies and television also halted. With production companies having to put a pause on their current projects thanks to lockdown, people had to start looking elsewhere to begin enjoying their entertainment, hence the big uptrend in gaming and streaming services.

While new movies and TV shows are still being made, the industry has changed significantly in the last few years. While some still love a trip out to the movie theatre, it has become overpriced and not as enjoyable as it once was!

Content Creators

One area of the entertainment industry that really took off was content creation. More and more people started making their own content to be consumed online. Not only has content creation become a great way to pass time, but it has also become a very lucrative business with some creators making millions of dollars! Alongside the creators themselves, it has also opened up the door to a number of manufacturers who make the tools the content creators need to create.

One of the best things about content creation is that anyone can do it. With a bit of time and dedication, you could be your next home town hero. Just look at Mr. Beast from North Carolina. He films lots of his videos in and around Raleigh and now has a team of 50-people that help him make his videos.

Remember when parents used to tell their children that playing video games wouldn’t make them rich? That is no longer the case! Just look at TheMyth from Michigan. He took his passion for playing games to twitch and later became the Captain of one of the most well known Esports organizations to this day.


With more and more people spending more time at home, the gaming industry also saw a big jump, especially when it comes to online games. When lockdown first began, PC Gaming computers became all the rage as they allowed people to escape the fact that they were stuck in the house for days on end. From first-person shooters to massively multiplayer online games to casino-based games, people were finding new ways to spend their time. Caesars Casino Michigan is an example of the different sources of entertainment that players are enjoying. No matter what type of gaming you are into, odds are you can easily find somewhere to do it online. Gaming can be a great escape from the everyday mundane tasks of the real world, or it can ever be a nice little stress reliever. You can now even watch other people play games, which brings us to our next topic – streaming.


The world of streaming is rather vast and has a few different ways it can be done. Two of the most common these days are streaming sites for gamers, where gamers will stream the game they are playing to a live audience. The game streamers can also interact with those watching thanks to live chatrooms on the likes of Twitch, YouTube, and even Facebook. Those who are really into watching others stream can even donate to them to help them earn a living.

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The other type is sites that offer to stream movies and television. Companies such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and more allow users to watch whatever television programs or movies they have on their service at any given time. Again, with more people spending more time indoors thanks to having gone through a lockdown or two, streaming your favorite movie is a great way to pass time. Best of all, you can do it as and when you want and don’t have to wait until a certain time for it to be on.

Video streaming as a whole is estimated to make up 82% of Internet traffic by the end of 2022. It is also said that over 62% of adults in America are subscribed to at least one type of streaming service, with just over 40% of these adults paying between $10-$20 a month to access these services.


While cryptocurrency may not be directly related to the entertainment industry, it is making its way there. With more people at home and online, cryptocurrency has become more popular and is not just used as an investment or a quick way to make money anymore. Companies are incorporating it into their streaming apps, games, and more to allow users to make the most of it. While it still may not be the most secure way to do business, cryptocurrency has even made its way to gambling sites, allowing gamers a chance to unwind and try to win some more Bitcoin or out cryptocurrencies. If you do look into crypto-backed entertainment, make sure to stay safe at all times.


There is no denying the impact we have seen on the entertainment industry and the world as a whole as we spend more and more time indoors. While some people started staying inside more thanks to Covid and lockdown, some have been staying indoors for much longer than this. However, since Covid, more people have realized the benefits of staying indoors and have done what they can to make the best of it. From making new friends to finding new games to play, spending more time indoors can be just as fun as going.

In the past couple of years, the entertainment industry has massively embraced the trend and has made it easier for people to consume their entertainment without ever leaving the house. Long gone are the days of heading down to Blockbuster and spending 20-30minutes looking around the store to find a movie. Now, all you have to do is turn on your PC, laptop, tablet, or phone and you can have access to almost any movie or television show ever made, all right at your fingertips.

As with everything, make sure when you are doing anything online you stay safe. Only input your card details onto trusted sites and make sure to do your own research. Unfortunately, as more and more entertainment ends up online, more and more people are looking for ways to try and scam innocent people.