How to Write an About Us Page for Your Business Website


Website development for business can be considered as a manifestation of willpower. It is tempting to be distracted by the technical features of the design process and forget about creating attractive content. Convincing content is critical for making marketing effective for your business, be it a writing service where students order college research paper writing, or an online store selling sportswear. For not doing the same mistakes as students do, it is better to ask specialists for help. In practice, you can’t ask, “do my programming homework,” because nobody can manage your business better than you. In this case, how can we balance the creation of great content and web design with the needs of custom business?

Top 4 Best About Us Pages for Business

The first thing you need to do for an effective About Us page is to identify the business, and then share it with the rest of the world. Do you think it is simple? Of course, this page is one of the most important on a commercial site, and it requires careful thought. Statistics show that users often turn to the About Us page to form an opinion about the company.

The good news: we have collected four truly creative and beautiful examples that you can transfer to your own site. Let’s get acquainted, shall we? At the end of the article, we offer practical tips for developing the About Us page. Learn how to make a business website compelling.

1. Joseph Payton’s site

Why did I choose Joe Payton? The page is confident, creative, and affordable. The About Us pages can cover the opinion and description of a single person when you promote yourself – such as of a photographer, copywriter, lawyer, doctor, or blogger.

The illustrative portrait of Joe forms his personal brand, which visitors will remember, and clearly demonstrates his experience as a designer and animator. Visitors to the site can not only understand what the handsome guy in the picture is doing, but also admire the professional level of the designer using examples.

Demonstrating your advantages as a creative specialist on a clear and organized page is exactly what users who are developing their own project are looking for.

2. Apptopia

This page is free from professional jargon and unnecessary words. Once again: obscure terms on this type of page are superfluous. Users appreciate direct, simple, and clear stories about what the business does. If people don’t understand certain points from what you are doing, how will they form and realize the need for your services?

The developers of the Apptopia website are well aware of this. The startup’s simple but refined language conveys the offer, while at the same time allowing it to be understood by ordinary people. Once again: try to get rid of slang as much as possible. Always use short and clear sentences. You need to explain the most complex products in a way that doesn’t sound patronizing, but with an empathetic tone.

3. Aja Frost

The reason for the success of this freelancer site is solidity and facts. The creativity that the performer shows in business can be seen on the About Me page. Representing the field of SEO, where success is measured by objective numbers and graphs, Aja put it all on the page. Customers want to see how SEO content works, and the site clearly demonstrates this.

In the same vein, the page presents the story of Aja’s career growth, which you can see on an impressive line graph with the result of her SEO strategy implemented for the HubSpot blog. Following the impressive success schedule, Aja ends the page with personal notes about what she does in her free time – this is always a great way to appeal to potential customers.

4. Sara Dietschy

The About Me page is distinguished by its diversity and understanding of the target audience, and it is successfully integrated into the concept of the owner’s personal brand. For those who don’t know, Sara Dietschy is an American YouTube video blogger with an eclectic collection of technology and culture-related videos. 

In addition to a beautiful self-portrait at the top of the page, her first sentence tells visitors how many people subscribed to the channel – more than half a million. This is an important number that potential advertisers and marketers need to know about the potential benefits of partnerships and advertising.

Colored tiles that align the page do an amazing job, as if segmenting the page by project type. The large Intel logo in Sara’s second photo will surely attract visitors – links to reputable brands are intriguing!

How to Create an Effective Page About Your Company

  1. Step one: form your mission. A mission can take only one out of a thousand lines per page, but to attract people you need to briefly outline your goal in the industry. What are you doing here? Why should site visitors use your services?
  2. Step two: describe the history of the company. You may not have a long history of growth, but on the About the Company page, it is nice to provide details about the origins of the business.
  3. Step three: show how you have developed. Even if you are a young company, it’s not embarrassing to admit that your business strategy has changed since its creation.
  4. Step four: tell about your “aha” moment. Each good company is based on a certain idea – a unique feature that competitors can not yet offer. What was your idea? Create your “aha” moment, which is the turning point in the business development.
  5. Step five: explain who you serve. You want the site to have millions of eyes, but you are not able to please every visitor. This is why it is important to identify your primary customer.

You can create an amazing About Us page – you just need to follow these tips. Even if you already have such a page, with these tips, you can turn it into a real masterpiece! As a result, you will attract more customers.