52 Awesome Resume Tips

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Include a phone number that has a professional voice mail greeting.

Likewise, ensure that your email address is professional (not cooldude@server.com) and that your signature (if any) is professional.

Type your name on your resume like you want it to appear professionally. If you do not want your middle name used, leave it off or just include your initial.

Do not include references on your resume, but offer them during your application process or interview.

List any languages that you speak, even if they do not directly pertain to the job description.

If you have special skills (such as computer or technical abilities), include them if applicable to the position or company.

Include any major publications you have authored, such as a magazine or journal article.

Many career counselors debate whether or not to include an “objective” section. Here is a good article that sums up a lot of the debate. Find out the standard in your industry, and follow it.

Include old jobs on your resume (even if not directly applicable to the position), but feel free to shorten their descriptions.

List all education you have had, and explain how it will help you in the target position.

Activities listed on your resume should reflect positive job qualities in some way. If they don’t, cut them.

Leave no time gaps, since this will make employers wonder what you did during that time.

Tell the truth!