What the Live Casino Experience Can Teach Other Industries


Since its inception in the 1990s, the iGaming industry has made it its mission to bring an authentic casino experience into consumers’ homes. In the beginning, it did this by providing a different way to play but as time moved on, it has focused instead on ensuring that the features available in its bricks-and-mortar counterparts can also be accessed via the internet – if not even more.

Its reward for this has been an exponential rise in the sector’s popularity, with the online casino industry now worth an estimated $53.7 billion. Not only is this figure phenomenally high, but it’s expected to increase again in the near future, with an estimated growth of 11.5 percent over the course of the next seven years.

One of online casino’s flagship features is, increasingly, live casino, which the sector has utilized to further boost its appeal and also enhance the authenticity of its offerings. Simply put, this is a way to play online casino games with real dealers, with the help of live streaming technology, which players can take on via mobile, PC or tablet. Here, we take a look at three of the lessons that can be learned from the adoption of this innovative technology.

An authentic online experience is key

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As a counterpart to traditional land-based casinos, internet-centric providers have always focused on offering an authentic gaming experience for their consumers with increased accessibility and added convenience. This is something that the advent of live casino has empowered them to offer more effectively than ever before.

A key takeaway for other businesses, therefore, should be this: What your consumers can enjoy and experience in-store should also be available to them online, as much as possible. We can see this demonstrated, for example, by taking a quick look at the LeoVegas live casino webpage, where everything from roulette to blackjack, baccarat, and more are available to play over the internet, utilizing real-life casino tables and human dealers and croupiers.

Connection matters

A part of what makes live casino as popular as it is is the sense of connection it affords consumers. That’s because even the most authentic online experience is often lacking in one thing: human interaction. If you can provide this somehow, you’re on to a winner.

So how can you ensure your business is providing this when physical transactions are not an option? The answer is obvious: by having real people available to consult with. It doesn’t matter whether this is via a chat feature on your website or through an active email inbox – all that’s important is that when your customers need assistance, advice, or one-to-one support, you as a business are able to provide this.

Promotions are a great way to push new features

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While there is much that can be learned from live casino itself, there are also lessons to be taken from the way that casinos market it. As with any new technology, those who are unfamiliar with it may either view it with suspicion or prefer to stick to more tried-and-tested options.

In order to encourage your audience to trial this type of innovative new feature, promotions are often a good idea. This is something the online casino industry knows well, and you will frequently see providers utilizing special offers to incentivize players to try something that may be particularly experimental or unfamiliar to them – with impressive results. Try this yourself the next time you roll out a new type of tech, and you’re likely to enjoy the same outcome.

Isn’t it time you put these teachings into action yourself to enhance the customer experience and improve business performance overall?