How Live Casinos Have Transformed the World of Online Casinos


In the late 1990s and early 2000s, online casinos exploded into the mainstream and gradually replaced the ongoing popularity of land-based casinos on a global scale. In the years since, emerging technological advancements have triggered a number of industry-wide changes that have transformed the ways in which players experience online casinos worldwide. It is the introduction of live casinos, however, that has arguably had the greatest impact on the online gaming industry with gamers now able to tap into an extensive catalogue of both recognisable and exclusive titles hosted by a live dealer from the comfort of their own homes or even during their daily commute. If you have yet to experience the wide-reaching benefits of live casinos and how they have transformed the world of online casinos, continue reading to find out everything you need to know.

They have a lower risk of cheating

In the years since live casino games have infiltrated the online casino market, they have achieved a lower risk of cheating by introducing greater safety and security measures. If you are playing a computer-controlled game hosted by a live dealer, for example, you can benefit from greater technology and, perhaps most importantly, much-needed peace of mind with a growing number of government-regulated online casinos now subject to software that relies on algorithms and random number generation, or RNG. This has had a significant impact on the ways in which online slots, roulette, and blackjack are played by both experienced and inexperienced visitors to online casinos, including those found at OnlineCasinos, with random results leading to less opportunity for players to uncover a particular strategy or pattern and cheat or for games to be rigged.

They are highly social

If you are familiar with both online casinos and land-based casinos, you may have noticed a considerable difference when it comes to how social both gambling methods can be. It may please you to know, however, that live casino games on online casinos tend to be highly social compared to traditional online slots, roulette, and blackjack games. This is largely due to a greater opportunity for communication between players as well as between players and hosts through the implementation of chatbots, forums, and discussion boards. If you prefer to play in silence, on the other hand, this is also an option with players given the best of both worlds. It can be tempting to be bowled over by flashy graphics or impressive imagery, but nothing compares to the experience of playing alongside a real human being and watching as the ball spins around the roulette wheel in real-time.

They are interactive

If a game is hosted by a live dealer, they will more than likely try to engage with their audience and fellow players may attempt to contact you at regular intervals throughout the event. This is possible through the implementation of a live video feed that is shared with active players, a live chat that is monitored and answered by the host, or live audio messaging. These options are unavailable to players of standard online casino games that are operated by automated software and tend to contribute towards an impersonal gaming experience from start to finish with players forced to game alone or against fellow players but with no social interaction. If you like to share your online casino experience with others or enjoy communicating with like-minded individuals, it may be worth taking the time to research online casinos that offer live casinos by visiting a renowned comparison website, such as OnlineCasinos, and finding your next favourite.

They are entertaining

If you have frequented online casinos for a number of years, you may be ready for a much-needed change of scenery. It may, however, benefit you to know that live casinos offer a first-class online gaming experience from the comfort of your own home so you can be entertained whilst you put your feet up or even as you make your way to work. This is because the vast majority of live casino games are hosted by a live dealer that is usually decked out in glamorous clothing and accessories and has years’ worth of knowledge of experience when it comes to entertaining crowds and responding to questions, queries, and requests on the spot. If you are considering playing a live casino game, it is guaranteed to be a fun-filled experience from start to finish and you may even find yourself abandoning traditional online casino games altogether.

They provide a personalised experience

It may sound like an obvious point, but live dealers are real people with real emotions and are more likely to provide a personalised experience compared to a computer-generated game dealer. It can be tempting to be swayed by an aesthetically pleasing landing page but by opting for a live casino game and playing alongside a real human being, you will encounter a unique experience every single time. If you are looking to sharpen your skills when it comes to a particular game or are practising for an upcoming tournament, for example, it may be worth venturing down the live casino route to allow you to mimic the feeling of playing at a land-based casino. In addition, live casinos have also been able to provide a personalised experience due to emerging technological developments and the introduction of artificial intelligence, in particular, as innovation and localisation continues to be a fundamental driving force behind a growing number of online casinos in today’s digital landscape.

If you frequent online casinos on a regular basis, you may have become aware of the growing popularity of live casinos or have been tempted to experience the magic of live casino games for yourself. If this is the case, it may benefit you to know that they have transformed the world of online casinos in a number of ways over the years as they have a lower risk of cheating, are highly social, are interactive, are entertaining, and provide a personalised experience.